Monday, November 06, 2006

What is Your Diagnosis?

No, this is not a voter in line worried about the results of this election. He may be experiencing a low sugar level (hypoglycemia) that may occur after taking medications for diabetes -- or it may occur spontaneously as a result of an endocrine disorder.

This fellow however with
has had a twice confirmed fasting blood glucose (sugar) level of 140 mg/dl. Unfortunately he has not been aware of his blood sugar because he has been too busy with work to go see a doctor. His favorite activity is sitting to watch a weekend James Bond marathon movie while eating nachos with cheese and washing it down with a mega super sized slurpy. However, he can never sit through the movie because he has to run out and pee like a storm.

Diabetes type 2, unlike type 1, can be present for a long time without presenting with any of the above symptoms. The onset of the symptoms may be gradual unlike the symptoms of hypoglycemia or type 1 diabetes. It is important to diagnose diabetes early so to be able to control the sugar levels earlier to avoid or to delay the progression of damage to other organs.

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J. Taylor said...

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Gestational Diabetes Resources

Nicolas said...

informative site here, I have diabetes since 5 years.
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Anonymous said...

What if you expres ALL these symptoms? I do not have diabetes, BUT have been diagnosed with Thyroid disorder, Fibromyalgia, Diverticulosis and Chronic Sinusitis with migraines? I am about 20 pounds overweight in my early 40's exercise by walking about 20 miles a week and have a history of diabetes and heart attacks in my family...but I wonder if I have Hypoglycemia. How can you tell the difference? What are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

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