Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pop Quiz: Breast Cancer Risk and Weight

Does breast cancer risk increase with weight gain?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Only if breast size is increased.
D. Only if you have a family member with breast cancer.

Answer is: A. YES

In a recent study by researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital women aged 30 to 55 were followed for 26 years (1976-2002) to evaluate the effect of weight gain on the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer. The study found that "Overall, 15.0% of breast cancer cases in this population may be attributable to weight gain of 2.0 kg or more since age 18 years and 4.4% attributable to weight gain of 2.0 kg or more since menopause." It was concluded that weight gain may increase the risk of breast cancer in post menopausal women. Weight loss in postmenopausal women helped decrease the risk of breast cancer.

References: JAMA. 2006;296:193-201.

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