Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Love and compassion, "loving-kindness" and not just romantic love, have been shown to have many benefits on both physiological and psychological levels. It can reduce chronic pain, decrease stress and anger, improve the immune system, and help us face life's many challenges.


Sidharth said...


Can u tell us what the arabic words in the picture translate to?

btw,you have a great blog with lots of useful info.Keep up the good work.


Dr. Taraneh Razavi said...

Thank you Sidharth.
The caption says that the photograh is taken by a young Iranian photographer named Shabab Golchin, and that it was a prize winner in a Japanese photo contest.
The subject is love without fail.

Tyler said...

Dear Dr. Taraneh Razavi,

My name is Tyler. I received your blog from Bret Taylor (a good family friend as well as a Google employee).

I had a fun question for you.
I am nearly finished with my doctor of chiropractic degree from LCCW in Hayward, and I have found that many of my clinic patients are coming to me because of problems with their spines and extremities due to clerical work (Carpal Tunnel, Full Spine Pain, TOS, Postural Syndrome, etc). I figured several of the 1000's of employees of Google would be in the same situation due to their types of jobs and might be in great need of non-traditional or preventative care (i.e.: chiropractic, acupuncture, muscle re-hab) as well as your services.

Do you agree with this? Do you ever see yourself or Google expanding the Google clinic and bringing these services on? I think that the employees would do very well with this sort of care, and probably work harder and better if they had it. What do you think?

I look forward to your ideas and notes, and would love to work along side of you one day in tackling some of the Googlers signs and symptoms.

Thank you for your time. Thank you for your blog.

Tyler Gatteau - Intern at Life Chiropractic College

Taraneh said...
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[mt] said...

nice blog Doc,
keep writing and sharing..

Kismet Inn said...

Dear Dr. Razavi,

Do you know how I can get in touch with Shabab Golchin? I have tried to google his e-mail address but it has been of no avail.

I am a native of Iran which I assume you are too. I have a wonderful, truly exquisite Inn called Kismet Inn, in Bath, Maine. I would love to purchase a copy of Golchin's photo for the Kismet Inn.

If you go to my website then to my blog link at the bottom right corner of the home page that will take you to other links about the Kismet Inn.

I am all about trying to live a good, simple life, the kind I grew up with but was departed from at an early age - in 1969 due to the death of my mother.

I do hope to hear from you, you can e-mail me at

Shadi Towfighi,
The InnKeeper

Marilyn said...
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Marilyn said...

Dr. Razavi,
When people take responsibility for creating their life then they have love and compassion for themselves and others. When you know that you are thinking about what you want in the world and not about what you do not want, you have more peace of mind, better health, draw to you healthier relationships and encounter, are happier, more conscious and greatful.
Blessings, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Its nice to know that being in love can actually increase your life expectancy.

Then again if something you love is taken away from you then the stress will be multiplied, so does it actually counterbalance itself?

therefore love can both increase and decrease stress.

Jonathan (uk vauxhall part manager)

Kathy Jacob said...

Dear Dr. Razavi,

Loved the photograph by Shabab Golchin. I had to call my mom in the room to take a look at it. It brought many good memories of simple life and simple love that is so deep rooted and yet, sad to say, it is as rare as a 40 carat diamond especially in our society.

Mark said...

It is a shame that everyone knows how imprtant love is but refuse to include it within their priorities of life.
How is it that even some of the most religous people on earth would rather kill than allow themselves the love of life and others their own love.
There is no doubt it is alsi a great healer.Those who have given up themselves come alsive to help others they love.
It has no value but is at the same time priceless.


AA | Green Flag

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corrado Peace&Human Rights Tent said...

Hi, I found casually your blog looking for shabab images... My name is Corrado, italian pacifist. I knew last july Shabab Golchin during a trip in Iran to meet my old friends whose studied in Italy. His pictures are very nice and Shabab is really a great cameraman. So I'm organizing an exhibition in my country (gorizia province - Italy) with many his pictures, next May. If you like to see some of his pictures send me one mail ( so I can give you the link to my webalbum.