Monday, April 16, 2007

High Blood Pressure with High Job Strain

How are you feeling on the job? Are you feeling that you don't have control or that your decision making latitude is limited? If the answer is yes, then you may be developing high blood pressure.

A recent study published in Journal of Environment and Occupational Medicine showed that high job strain is linked to high blood pressure. The researchers led by Els Clays, M.Sc., of Ghent University in Belgium, identified 89 workers with high job strain and an equal number of workers without high job stress. Blood pressure readings of both groups were then monitored with a 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor at regular intervals as they went through their daily activities.

Those with a high strain showed a significant increase in their blood pressure. The relationship between job strain and higher readings remained intact even after other factors such as age, obesity or smoking were adjusted. Interestingly enough, the high blood pressures were related more to feeling a lack of control than to high job demand alone.

So what can you do? Ask your doctor to check your blood pressure. Reduce your stress level by exercising and learning relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises. Jobs may come and go, but your health is irreplacable.

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Anonymous said...
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sadaf said...


sadaf said...

Dr. razavi,You make irainian pride,how can i contact u ?

Max Babi said...

Dear Dr. Razavi,
I've had hypertension for more than four decades, and my doctors usually change medication every year or even more frequently. I am so used to higher BP on average, that when I have normal BP it makes me feel lethargic. I am a highly creative person leading a chaotic life, and only lately I have brought in a semblance of order (less work and thus less anxiety). I have insomnia and tinnitus too.

My question to you is, it it right that a prolonged usage of they anti-hypertension drugs can dilute one's skin? Since 1998, I have been observing my skin, it has become extra-oridnarily sensitive to the sunlight. I tend to get sunstroke with ridiculously minimum exposure. Working in air-conditioned office makes this worse.

Is this observation true or just my imagination? Please clarify.

Thanks and God bless you,

Dr. Taraneh Razavi said...

Dear Max

Although I cannot give advice to individuals without examining them, I can say in general that there are certain antihypertensives such as thiazide diuretics which may create more sensitivity to the sun. Also the new theory on blood pressure control is to treat the blood pressure with 2 or 3 antihypertensives at low doses rather than one medication at a high dose. This method seems to control blood pressure better and it also causes less side effects.

gsee said...


Blood pressure is not a dicease, it is purely a different state of our body and mind. The major reason is our irregular life style. See how life style can stimulate bp.
It can come to normal if we live with our sense of well being. No drugs and no doctors. Just change your life style, you can see the magic.

Anonymous said...

to the one who said its all lifestyle- i just found out that i have high blood pressure although i have no corroborating factors. i am a vegetarian, i dont eat salt, my diet is impeccable, natural and organic, i dont smoke cigarettes, and i exercise and do yoga regularly. how is it possible that i have high blood pressure? i dont think its possible to improve on my lifestyle.