Thursday, June 19, 2008

Reliable Medical Resource

Technology is a good thing. Information is more and more accessible - after all that is Google's mission - but reliability of the information is not easily determined. I appreciate patients educating themselves about their medical conditions. However, there are times when they would have been been better off without doing the online research. Not all information is good information and content out of context can be confusing.

So for your benefit and for your overworked doctor's reassurance, here's a link which is worth checking the next time you need to get information on an ailment. The link was recently made available by Up To Date - an evidence based information source normally provided for physicians only. Many physicians rely on this service which is available to them for a fee, however, the patient information section is free.


samy said...

Thanks for all the info. More people need to be made aware of this GOOD information.Im so glad I found this post! Interesting!! tHANKS !!

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wisdom said...

Thanks for the share. I did not know about this. Looks like good content.

daun1919 said...

Tq for the information. I agree with you that not every information we derive from the internet is good and reliable.

Darin said...

yes you are absolutely right about this..
many information we can get from internet, but not all information are good, even that the info are true, but need the expert like physician to give the right conclusion about health problem, otherwise everybody can be a doctor :)

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