Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two Medications Better than One for Migraines

A recent study published in the Journal of American Medical Association concluded that the combination of 2 medications may help relieve the symptoms of migraine more effectively than one medication alone.

In this multi-center clinical trial, patients with moderate or severe migraine attacks were randomized to receive either a fixed dose of sumitriptan plus naproxen, sumitriptan, naproxen or placebo.

Patients were then evaluated for absence of headache 2 hours after dosing as well as for the absence of nausea, photophobia, and phonophobia which are often associated with migraine headaches.

The combination of sumitriptan plus naproxen had a more favorable outcome than the use of either medication alone.

Although at first glance this may seem obvious, often headache symptoms are treated with one medication and the dosage is then continuously increased until the desired effect is reached.
However, a lower dose of 2 medications may have more benefit and possibly less side effects than one medication which is used at a higher dose. This may be due to the fact that the pathogenesis of migraines, although not well understood, has multiple causes and pathways which lead to the severe and disabling headaches that at least 28 million Americans experience.

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pamponders.com said...

Love your "miraine fairy".Would be great to be able to make a wish and have them go away. Thanks for the helpful advice.

Jojo said...

What about taking Almotriptan with naproxen? My thought here is that I could take Aleve with my Axert to get rid of the migraine. Axert alone only works in about 75% of my migraines. Thoughts?


Jojo said...

Nope, Almotriptan with naproxen has not benefit that I could feel. Actually got dehaydrated and ended up in the hospital last week.


Anonymous said...

i take synflex upon getting hit with migraine and cafergot if i feel it coming on. doesn't seem to be working well. will what the Doc quoted works?