Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sodas and Heart Disease?

There have been several news reports since yesterday on the findings of a study which concluded that people who drink more than one soda a day - diet or regular- have a higher chance of heart disease.

I'm not a big fan of sodas, but since diet sodas help reduce the daily calorie intake, I'm concerned that people who consume diet sodas will come to the wrong conclusion based on the superficial news coverage of this study. The data does not show any cause and effect. It simply demonstrates an association. It may be that people who are drinking sodas are already following a less healthy lifestyle and therefore have a higher association with heart disease. Given the epidemic of obesity and its impact on heart disease and diabetes, it seems that the risk benefit ratio is still in favor of the diet sodas.

As for regular sodas, there is no reason to drink them as far as I'm concerned.

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Alpna said...
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Dr. Taraneh Razavi said...

alpna, your point is well taken. It is certainly true that consuming sweet sodas seems to change the dietary pattern and this has been confirmed in studies with children as well which is even more of a concern. As a rule water seems to be the best beverage. Thank you for reading the blog and contributing to it.

lady influence said...

i read in many studies that soda is associated with a higher chances of heart disease, maybe because soda is rich in sugar and other unhealthy ingriedients which can lead to obesity. In fact in a study i read, those who drink sodas at least once a day are prone to become obese. We all obesity and heart disease almost go together.

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Mark said...

It seems that if we breath we are more prone to heart disease these days.
Eating or drinking anthing that is based around the creation of chemicals to create a taste or a lifestyle is likely to have some side effects. For me it is about balance, I do have the odd soda or other stuff that I really shouldn't, but not in excess and then my next drink will be water or food salad.
At least with a soda you know it is junk food. There are certain fruit based drinks (punch type) that are full of chemicals and sugar, but give the impression of a healthy full of vitamin drink.I think these are a bigger issue.