Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flu Season Update

This year's flu season has been the worst one that we have had in 4 years. The flu cases peaked in mid-February, but they continue to be reported throughout the states. According to the MMWR, this season " Pneumonia and influenza was listed as an underlying or contributing cause of death for 8.9% of all deaths reported for the week ending April 5, 2008. This percentage was above the epidemic threshold of 6.9% and marked the thirteenth consecutive week that the proportion of all deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza was above the epidemic threshold."

The severity of this year's flu season is attributed to the decreased efficacy of the vaccine. The vaccine did not match some of the most virulent strains which were circulating this year. It was only 44% effective instead of the usual 70-90% effective. However, even at its lowest matching rate, the vaccine still offers some protection. Of the 67 children who died this year of the flu, more than 40 were not vaccinated.

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